How Does Technology Affect Our Society

Some years back, the society introduced technology with the aim to make life better and simpler. Ever since the two have been co-dependent, in that, one can’t exist without the other. Technology has proven to be both beneficial and disadvantageous to human beings. Nowadays, technology has become part of our daily lives. The society is trying by all means to modernize technology day by day. The future of technology looks promising. But, have you ever thought of how does technology affect our society? The impacts of technology on the society can be divided into positive and negative.


Let’s Start with the Positive


  • Improved the Agricultural Sector


Agriculture is the backbone of the society. Without food, we would be extinct. Thanks to technology, farmers can now harvest large amounts of food in a small duration. It has generally made agriculture simpler and better. There are lots of farming tools that have made cultivation, growing, and harvesting of food easier. Fertilizers have done a marvelous job. Not to mention how irrigation has made it possible for people to grow foods on dry areas.


  • Transportation has Become Better and Safer


Transportation is one of the most significant branches of technology. You can’t compare the means of today’s transport to those in the “stone age” period. The society has greatly benefited in this sector. Technology has made it possible for both people and goods to swiftly move from one area to another in a short period.


  • Improved Communication


Similar to transport, the field of communication has benefited heavily from technology. Communication is a distinct characteristic of the society. Communication helps members of the society share information. Technology has made communication fast. Aspects such as the electronic and new media have made it possible for different members of the society to exchange ideas. Gadgets such as mobile phones and laptops allow people to communicate at all times irrespective of their location.


  • It has Helped the Field of Education


Education aided in the introduction of technology. Technology, on the other hand, is also improving the learning process. Education is an essential element of the society. Without the society will be unable to progress. The society uses technology to learn ways on how to better the technology itself. Projectors, whiteboards, laptops amongst others have made education more advanced.


  • It has Aided the Health Sector


There have been arguments that technology has led to the deterioration of the society’s health. But, depending on your argument, technology has had a significant impact on health. Technology has made it possible for research to be conducted and has led to the discovery of effective modern treatments like ways to reduce risk of diabetes. Recent advances in outpatient technology for glucose estimation have brought to the field of diabetes the ability to better achieve both of these vital objectives: detection and effective intervention. Currently, there are only a few ailments that have no cure. As we speak, scientists are trying to figure out how to cure those ailments with the help of technology.


The Negative Effects


  • Over-utilization of Resources


The growth of technology is heavily affecting the natural resources. The resources are being over utilized, and if we are not careful, real soon they will be depleted, and the society will face it rough.


  • Pollution


The use of technology particularly in the manufacturing industries has increased pollution. As of now, some areas are inhabitable by the society due to pollution.


The above are ways how technology affects our society. As you can see, technology is both good and bad. It all depends on how we use it. As the society, we should come up with boundaries on how to use technology to better our lives and not to do the opposite.